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I am attempting to create a new record on a custom object called Notes__c when an Activity record is created via Email to Salesforce. I have posted the process builder I am using. This process works when editing an Activity but not on record creation. Any ideas? Thanks!

User-added image

User-added image
I have a custom object called Application which has a picklist field on it called Status. The Application object has a lookup field to Contact and Campaign. When the status field is changed in Application, I want the status field to change on the Campaign Member object.

Billy applies to a program. Salesforce creates a campaign member record and an application record for him. When the application record is designated as Denied, the campaign member record should be designated as Rejected.

How can I do this with process builder and flows?
I receive the following error when trying to save any of the classes in my developer console: "DEPLOYMENT ERROR: An unexpected error has occurred. 891009581-41899 (749494588) for deploymentId=1drK0000000qbfFIAQ If this persists, please contact customer support."

I've tried closing the developer console and re-opening it. As of writing, I've tried saving for roughly an hour with no luck.