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When doing the challenge in the "Setting up Lightning Connect" step of the Lightning Connect trailhead (https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/lightning_connect/lightning_connect_setup), I get a persisting issue with the "Phone Plan" external object (everything is OK with the "Phone" object).

Displayed message is : 
External Object Error
We encountered an error while querying the external data. Contact your administrator about this error. Error received: For input string: "99.99" 

This message appears as soon as I try to add the "cost" field in the default "all" tab list view and systematically on the object detail view (whatever the set of actually displayed fields) for the only ""monthly" record.

When checking the challenge on the trailhead page, no isue is raised band I got a "completed" challenge (but the issue is still there).

Any clue ?  Where can we find logs for "lightning connect" issues ?



Hi all ,

          I want to know what is the exact difference between salesforce.com and Force.com ,

          Can any one help me to know about that?