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I have several Visualforce pages, and depending on whether they are rendered in Lightning, or Classic, effects whether I can any use any of Chrome's (or Firefox's) screen-capture extensions. 
For instance, if I navigate to my vfPage using the following Classic URL:  https://res-group--c.na46.visual.force.com/apex/vfPageName 
It renders the page, so that my screen-capture extensions can scroll the entire vfpage correctly.
On the other hand, if I navigate to my vfPage using the Lightning URL:
It renders the page so that my extensions are unable to scroll down in order to capture the entire view. 
​No matter which link is clicked, the vfPage is rendered using the appropriate Lightning stylesheets, so they both look the same.  I realize I could use a custom Detail Page Link URL to open my Visualforce page, but I'd prefer to use a custom Page Button instead. (And Custom Page Buttons always open the vfPage using the Lightning framework).
Any ideas for how use solve this would be appreciated.
I am hoping to to create a trigger that would email a Salesforce Event to an Outlook Shared Calendar alias.  So this email cannot be a Visualforce template with an attatchment, but instead an .ics or vcs extenstion. Any ideas for how to accomplish this?
I am tyring to figure out the easiest way to have a formula field pull from a picklist (state_c) and autopopulate with a region. I know I can use the CASE and ISPICKVAL formulas to accomplish this, however unless I am mistaken they do not take into account arrays of texts.  So do I have to input each picklist value and its corresponing value?

For instance, if this field wasn't a picklist I could use Contains formula and have something to effect of "CA:CO:WA", "West". Is there a way around having to write "West" for each of those 3 picklist values?

Hi there,


From what i am reading, it is possible to send a pdf attachment in a visual force email template. But only if that attachment is created on the fly using merge fields. 


Is it possible to attach a pdf file that is stored in the Notes & Attachments object, and have that attachment sent with the visual force email template?