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Hi guys,
i recently completed 100% of the admin beginner trail, but salesforce still didn't add it up to my trail's count on my profile, what should i do? thank you
Apologies if one is not suppose to ask non-technical questions on this forum, but I would give it a try ayway :)

I am an Sr. ASP.Net developer (C# and VB) in my company with 7 years of experience and earning a good salary. My company is offering me to move to Salesforce.com development (APEX, Visualforce, triggers, third party integratios etc. etc.).

I want to move up in hierarchy and this would kind of open a door to me for the same. I want to know, would it be a good idea to move to Salesforce development after spending so many years in .Net??

How different it would be from ASP.Net? i saw few beginners videos and it looks okay to me. I also hear a buzz of Cloud Computing and Salesforce is leader in it (if I am not wrong), so that way this opportunity looks very attractive to me, but i need other persons perspective on this, who may have worked on both the technologies.

What is the future?
What challenges I may face?
Would it be more lucrative? :)

Thanks a lot for your help and advice in advance.