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One way of creating a publicly available survey form is to create a web-to-lead form. The HTML/PHP survey form (which is mapped to lead) can then be posted on your website .. or else you can send the accessible URL to your clients via email or page redirection.

You can use PHP/javascript to compute survey score, if that is needed too, and map is to Salesforce.com Lead field using web-to-lead.

Once the survey is completed the survey results will be captured in lead. You can keep a flag to identify survey leads from other type of business leads.


In case you want to capture the survey results in a different custom object (e.g., Survey) then you can write a trigger (After_Insert) on Lead to copy those survey values from Lead to the custom object and delete the rest of the survey leads (Note you cannot delete the lead on which you are currently accessing).





Check out Affiliate Commission Calculator Ver1.0 in Appexchange App. The app is free and allows managing commission from different clients using Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale model.


The app is password protected, so feel free to connect to us in case you are interested in using the product.


Please use the contact information available on the Appexchange app for our organization to connect.


Do write your reviews and send us your feedback to enhance it.



TechEye Creations & Technologies.


Hi all,


I am looking into the possibility of creating a Research Web Service for our company which can be used by our internal employees (through Office Research functionality) to look up company approved terms related to our business.  Since SFDC can be integrated with virtually anything, and from all the documentation and posts I have read about the subject so far, I am confident that this is very much possible to do. However, I'm not a developer by any means and most of the information goes right over my head.


I am planning to create a small custom object which would house the terms as records, with maybe 5 or 6 different fields for each record.


Here's what I understand so far (correct me if I am wrong):


  • Office Reseach is the web service client, and its structure and methods to communicate with the web service are predefined.
  • SFDC can host a web service, through an apex class.
I am not sure how, since both sides have their own structure, I can get the client and service to talk to each other. Does anyone have any examples of an integration such as described above they might be able to share? Or even any pointers, suggestions or tips that might help me get started? Will this little project require more in depth development, or would someone who has dabbled into apex, with some help from the SFDC community, be able to get this rolling?
Thanks very much,



1) Can i run my php script in force.com domain(Developer Edition).....is it possible...



2) If I cannot use Php in domain, Which language I can use for Scripting...........



Actually, I want to create a Field in an Object. That Field should be updated with new message ,whenever the new message updated in my Domain.(Developer Edition domain).

Also the old messages of the Filed should be stored in Force.com database.



How to do this....Please give any idea, suggestions,links......


I am looking for a solution that will allow visitors to our website using the web to lead form to attach files. We have SF professional edition and the website is created in WordPress.


Thank you,


hey, we don't have in-house salesforce experts but need to pre-screen a few salesforce developers. can you please let me know if there are any websites like eskill offering salesforce developer tests? i understand that a lot of people are certified but is that a real warranty of the experience?


i would really appreciate feedback on this

We are looking for a price quote to integrate contact sign up, edit and participation in campaigns with our website which is built on custom php.


-When user sign up on site, info in SF is updates

-When users update info on site, info in SF updates

-When users participate in a campaign their participation is update in SF





DBA West

Greetings all, 

I'm (http://www.plml.org) seeking a Salesforce builder (with PHP experience). Please get in touch via http://www.plml.org/contact .


Specifically, we're seeking help to:


* Build an API connection between a LAMP server via PHP & cron. This will entail weekly or monthly upserts of a growing dataset. 

* Build two (relatively simple) objects in SF to contain the information coming from the LAMP server. I'll need your help to refine the relationships between objects.  

* Build several reports to show the information that's coming from the server. 


We also have some misc. issues with lead conversion that would be helpful to resolve. 

Note that as we're a nonprofit, reasonable rates are very important