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I was wondering if there is a way to customize the Opportunities 'Stage History' view on the layout? It doesn't appear to be customizable out of the box.

Thank you.
how can i update the products on my opportunity?

i want to load huge data in salesforce from other source and wants programmatic access to functionality so that less user interaction will be there.
Like on Opportunity.
And transfer Data from this field from opportunuty to Account.

I'm trying to create an event based on a field from a task. I have a workflow in place that will change a task field to Completed once it gets in a certain date range which will then trigger a new event.  I want this new event to copy all the data from the task to the new event.

Here is what I have, doesn't seem to be working:

trigger createEvent on Task (after insert) {   
    List<Event> NewEvent = new List<Event>();
            for (Task newTask: Trigger.New)
               if (newTask.Status == 'Future Completed'){
                NewEvent.add (new Event(
                    OwnerID = newTask.OwnerID,
                    Subject = newTask.Subject,
                    Meeting_Status__c = newTask.Meeting_Status__c,
                    Meeting_Type__c = newTask.Meeting_Type__c,
                    Confirmed_with__c = newTask.Confirmed_with__c,
                    WhatId = newTask.WhatId,
                    WhoId = newTask.WhoId,
                    Priority__c = newTask.Priority__c,
                    Show_Time_As__c = newTask.Show_Time_As__c,
                    Client_Location_Meeting_Date__c = newTask.Client_Location_Meeting_Date__c,
                    Client_Location_Start_Time__c = newTask.Client_Location_Start_Time__c,
                    Client_Location_End_Time__c = newTask.Client_Location_End_Time__c,
                    Location = newTask.Location__c,
                    Directions_to_the_Meeting_Location__c = newTask.Directions_to_the_Meeting_Location__c,
                    Meeting_Confirmed__c = newTask.Meeting_Confirmed__c,
                    Confirmation_Notes__c = newTask.Confirmation_Notes__c,
                    More_Comments__c = newTask.More_Comments__c,
                    Summary__c = newTask.Summary__c,
                    Next_Steps__c = newTask.Next_Steps__c));
  insert NewEvent;
I'm new to Apex (and develoment in general). I have inherited an org that has a trigger on a custom object called "Support Request." Support Requests (SRs) havea  look-up relationship with Opportunities (and Account). In the past, all SRs were associated with an Oppty. I am creating a new record type for SRs that, although they are associated with an account, are not necessarily assocaited with an opportunity.

The following Trigger has been in place for years to auto populate the Account ID based on the associated Opportunity but now I need to prevent it from running when the user creates a SR with my new record type (01I500000006ehC). I tried a few different things (like putting an IF statement around the whole trigger), but - since I don't really know what I'm doing and I couldn't find a similar use case on the forum, nothing worked :)

Here is the exisitng trigger :

trigger MapAccountName on Support_Request__c (before insert) {
Support_Request__c obj = Trigger.new[0];
Opportunity opp = [select AccountId from Opportunity where Id = : obj.Opportunity_Name__c]; obj.AccountName__c = opp.AccountID;

How do I prevent it from running for my new record type? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!!

I have a workflow email alert  on opportunity which fires on a certain condition , Is there any way to track the email alert on the activity history object on oppotunity when the email alert is fired every time , perhaps an entry to be recorded automatically with the email content in t he activity history of opportunity.

Thanks in Advance

    I have Custom email button in Quote, here quote is my custom object, when i click on the custom button at that time  contact name is not populating, here 
Quote haveing the look-up relation ship with contact.how can i achieve this.

i location.replace('/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?retURL=/{!Quote__c.Id}}&p3_lkid={‌​!Contact.Id}'); i use this code but contact is not populating API NAme of contact is in Quote is Contact__c

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Hello, I need some help.  I have 2000 account records.  Each account has an owner.  I want to display the manager of the owner on the account record.  For each account, I do a query tot the User object to retrieve the mangerId field.  Works for a few account records, but governor limits are reached for lots of account records.  Basically, for each account record, do a query to get the manager.  If 2000 accounts, then there are 2000 querys.  Way too many.  Can you help me architect a better solution?  Thanks.
How can I create a duration field?

It will work like the field on the report.
But I want different types of dates.

I updated one custom date field in case when one of my tasks is completed.
And I want the duration between this custom date field and the closed date.

Thanks !

I want to create custom page for two functionalities of User.

1. Default Opportunity Team
2. Default Account Team

Both are related list on User detail page.

But I am not able to add custom button on both of the related list.

Any one have idea how to do this?


Hi All


I am working with the Approval Process and have the following question:  Is there a way to report on the "Actual Approver" field (located in the Approval History section) if not is there a way to transfer the value from the Actual Approval field to a field on the object.








Hi All


I am working with the Approval Process and have the following question:  Is there a way to report on the "Actual Approver" field (located in the Approval History section) if not is there a way to transfer the value from the Actual Approval field to a field on the object.