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Getting this error code to check import of survey and oppty data.  Have all data imported and can't find issue.  Any suggestions?

User-added image
I tried to install the package for the security superbadge and got the following error:
The AppExchange package has been deprecated and can no longer be installed. Please try installing a newer version, or contact the package owner directly to resolve.

I couldn't find a different package when searching the AppExchange. Is this package still available? Could the link in the superbadge be updated?
Hello Everyone,

I am facing error for challenge 4 in SuperBadge: Lightning Experience Specialist as below : 
'The Fulfillment Creation process does not appear to be working properly. Please check that your fulfillment was created with all of the proper field value specified in the requirements.'

I have created process as follows:

1.Create Flow on 'Adventure Package' object (when Record is created).
2.Criteria's are : Oppty.Stagename <> Cancelled & OpptyLineItem.Fulfillment_State <> 'Created'
3.Immediate Actions : 
           i) Create Fulfillment record.
           ii) Update  'Advanture Package' record with fields as below:
                  - Needs Insurance : OpptyLineItem.Product2.Needs_Insurance__c
                  - Needs Waiver: OpptyLineItem.Product2.Needs_Insurance__c
                  - Fulfillment Created : True
           iii) Update [OpportunityLineItem].Opportunity ID record with fields as below:
                 - Needs Insurance : OpptyLineItem.Product2.Needs_Insurance__c
                  - Needs Waiver: OpptyLineItem.Product2.Needs_Insurance__c
        changed to EVALUATE NEXT CRITERIA

         1. Criteira : OpptyLineItem Explorer equals to  NULL
         2. Immediate Actions : Creation of Task Record with field mapping as below:
            - Assigned To ID : OpptyLineItem.Oppty.OwnerId
            - Priority : 'Normal'
            - Status : 'Not Started' 
            - Related To ID : OpptyLineItem.Explorer__C
            - Subject : Update explorer Entrt
         3. Scheduled Action: 14 Days from Now
           - Post to Chatter with fields specified in requirement. (OpptyLineItem.Oppty.OwnerId) 

I am not getting what I've missed/did wrong.
Suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.
I seem to have no clue what's wrong in the report which I created. As per the requirement - Summarize the report by Account Name, the contact’s Full Name, and show the Hobby Name." Here I do not understand Full Name, as in the report we only get First Name, Last Name.
The error says - 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Lightning Hobbies by Contact' report does not appear to have either the correct report type or (most likely) the correct columns.

I have summarized the report by Account Name, then by Last Name. Another column shown is Hobbies Name. The report filter is on Hobby Type (the bucket field) = Outdoor Activities and it is locked.

Does anyone know whats wrong?
Just finished all of the Trails, Modules and Projects that are available up to this point using 3 different Dev Orgs. (2/3/2016)

Keep them coming. More Trails/Modules/Projects on development would be great. (Lightining,Apex,Visual Force, Javascript, Integration and using the Developer Console)

Thanks for providing these valuable resources !