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Is the Field Service Scheduling License required to be assigned to a user for its corresponding Service Resource to show up in the Gantt Chart?
I have 2 different community pages p1 and p2. each have a lightning component on them 
c1 on p1
c2 on p2
I want to navigate from p1 to p2 and also pass few attributes from c1 to c2 
how do I manage that because when i try using url event and application event only url event works and the page p2 is rendered but the attributes are not passed from c1 to c2.
Can anyone help me bulkify this flow? its an auto-launched flow triggered by a process builder and it fails if I try to update more than 100 records.
Gives Too many SOQL queries: 101 error.

User-added image
I Have a formula field with a hyperlink as below
HYPERLINK("/"+ Product_Code__c , Product_Code__r.ProductCode)
In my apex code I need to assign the value of this field to a variable but when I debug this variable it shows a value as
partNumber=<a href="/01t50000002NUfX" target="_blank">PBF012D3-03</a>

I want to assign the value to the variable, not in the form of a url.

I have a  requirement where I have a particular list view in community builder and when I click on any of the records I should not be taken to the record detail page but to some other community page.
Is that achievable? if yes how?
I have been trying to move a community from one sandbox to another using both eclipse and changeset but m getting the error 
"Sorry this url is already taken". can someone suggest something on this 
Im using ui:inputDate  to display date filed ,
Is there any solution to disable the past dates in date picker?